Piercings have long been very popular with young and old. What is particularly striking in the last decade is that there are more and more shops that shoot jewelry with a piercing gun instead of piercing with a needle. Piercing with a needle requires a lot more training and is much better for the skin and underlying tissue. Many large chains of jewelers are also selling more and more piercing jewelry, but often not of the right material, size, shape and quality.

Some piercing studios offer very short training courses of sometimes only 2 days long. In our professional opinion, you are not able to correctly learn enough in these 2 days to be able to pierce responsibly and safely. That made us think as a company. The course “All Round Piercer” was born. We are passing on our decades of knowledge to others!

With us, you can learn for 6 weeks. Without other students, so you get complete personal attention from our piercers; Sinai, Janine and Effy. The intention is that you can be present 3 times a week from 12:00 to 18:00.

She will teach you the core of piercing. How you:

➢ prepare your workplace
➢ use different types of needles, jewelery and tools
➢ different techniques of piercing
➢ healing times of different piercings
➢ aftercare of a just placed piercing
➢ solve problems with incorrectly placed piercings
➢ solve problems with infected piercings, bumps, etc.
➢ sterilization and packaging of the jewelery and tools
➢ how to approach and how to comfort customers
➢ what to do in case of accidents such as fainting
➢ and much more…

In addition, we will tell you everything about the hygiene guidelines of the GGD (Dutch Health Department) about piercing.
During the training, you practice on real models. However, you do not have to search for all models yourself, because we also have a very wide range when it comes to finding the candidates. We assume that you will do at least 60 to 80 piercings, of which you can sometimes even do multiple piercings on the same person. More is of course very welcome.

After the training period of 6 weeks, your piercing adventure will truly start. After which you will have to work on improving your craft yourself using the things that you have learned with us as your foundation. We can only teach you the basic techniques.

You can only work with us if you have a clear affinity with piercings.