The course consists of a total of 18 teaching days. 3 days a week, for 6 weeks, from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Week 1 – Introduction to your starter package.

➢ Theory explanation and practice to work with the ultrasonic cleaner and the autoclave.
➢ Explanation of the construction of the workplace.
➢ Observe the piercer working on every customer.
➢ Practice assembling and disassembling jewelry.
➢ Learn to measure with the caliper, practice with the clamps and piercing fake skin.

Week 2 – Start piercing on models.

➢ The very first piercing you will put on will preferably be an earlobe piercing.
➢ The rest of the 2nd week you will practice on further ear piercings: helix piercing, conch, tragus, rook.
➢ Practice packing the material with the sealing device.

Week 3 – This week you may also start on lip piercings, nose, belly button, eyebrow, eskimo, nipple (plus anything you haven’t already done).

Week 4 – This week you may also add: septum, tong, smiley, tongweb, industrial, and daith (plus anything you haven’t done yet).

Week 5 – This week we’re going for advanced piercings such as: genital piercings, dermal anchor, and surface piercings (plus anything you haven’t done yet).

Week 6 – The last week you will also work on genital piercings, dermal anchor and surface piercings (plus anything you haven’t done yet).

➢Certificate ceremony: “All-Round Piercer”

Schedule for models:
starts from 12h15 / 30, until 17h30 (last piercing).
Schedule 1 piercing per 30min.