Last summer I started the training of Allround Piercer at Amsterdam Tattooing. I am very grateful to them for the warm welcome and expert guidance from my mentor Sinai. What I also really liked is the access to all the beautiful books and knowledge that is present at this historic location. In short: absolutely recommended and enrichment of your network.


It were 6 educational, fun but above all inspiring weeks! The piercers are experienced, skilled and can transfer the knowledge they have in a very pleasant way. I then started my own piercing studio and because I followed this course, I was immediately confident in my shoes and I know what to do in all situations. Absolute must!


Tim Sneek

Allround piercer basic! Achieved! Super happy with my teacher Janine Wonderland who is so square and skilled to pass on the subject at GGD level and with a heart for piercing! This means that I can pierce safely and neatly. Also my thanks for the many people who trusted me and whom I got to know. Especially Noelle Erdmann, we didn’t know each other, but you helped me a lot through the many verbal advertisements and to be a model. Also many unknowns and acquaintances thanks! Amsterdam Tattooing & Body Piercing ♡



Yess !!! After blood, sweat & tears, my beautiful certificate finally arrived😃 Were a few very nice, fun and above all educational weeks. Goal 1 now achieved on to the next step👍 I am very grateful to everyone for the sweet support, and of course all models for the patience, nice compliments & the positive vibes.



Piercing my passion!
Thanks to Amsterdam Tattooing my dream became true! I always wanted to become a professional piercer so thats why I decided to take this course. After searching online for the best option I have found Amsterdam Tattooing course which was the best option from all available possibilities and I mean not only in Amsterdam because I was looking also for course around Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort. My teacher was super professional and patient, she had answers for all of my questions and the way she passed on her knowledge was simple and understandable. During 6 weeks I learned not only how to pierce properly but also all hygiëne rules, all theory about all possible complication connected with piercing and how to solve it. Whole Amsterdam Tattooing team was super friendly and helpful. I always felt welcome there. Now after this training I’m a professional piercer not only on theory but also in practice. Highly recommend this training its worth any price!