Who are we?

Amsterdam Tattooing was founded in 1983 by the then 18-year-old Amsterdammer: Peter Twigt. First only as a tattoo studio, but then in the early 90’s also as a piercing studio. A love for drawing and art has motivated Peter to be one of the first tattoo artists to open his shop. In this early period there were around 3 other shops in Amsterdam besides Amsterdam Tattooing. In the heart of Amsterdam, in a typical monumental building with steep, narrow stairs and two floors high, the shop is still located here after more than 30 years.

Peter specializes in the Japanese style, but also likes to do other classical oriental large works. The other Tattoo artists; Irma, Rotan, Aitor and various guest spot artists specialize in other styles such as mandalas, blackwork, dotwork, minimalism, old school and realism. The shop is very all round. Irma teaches one-on-one lesson in “Basic Tattooing” to talented students. Guest artists from abroad are also often present in the shop and the overall atmosphere is very warm and cozy.

Peter’s wife, Olivia, has been the shop’s front woman for years. In addition to her position as shop manager, she also offers the possibility to remove tattoos with the Q-switched Yag laser since 2008. The entire second floor is divided between the piercing area and the laser area.

Female piercers Janine, Sinaï and Effy are well- known in the Amsterdam piercing scene. These lovely ladies are always ready to help with any piercing problem and always as painless and fast as possible. They have also been teaching the “All Round Piercer” course for years.
We are a small group of very passionate people who do what they love to do every day. This is where the magic happens!