The training consists of a total of 18 days. Three times a week, for 6 weeks from 12:00 to 18:00 (the days of the week are determined in consultation).

Week 1:
➢ Introduction of your starter package. We explain what you use everything for and how.
➢ Read and learn the GGD hygiene rules.
➢ Learn the tattoo history, styles and types from the past to the present.
➢ Lots of drawing, watching and asking questions (this applies every day!)

Week 2:
➢ Prepare the workplace. Use hygiene guidelines during setup.
➢ Clear the table, clean it correctly and learn which products you use at what time.
➢ A lot of drawing, making easy assignments
➢ Making stencils, by hand and machine

Week 3:
➢ Learn how to place stencils on different parts of the body.
➢ Looking at the anatomy and different skin types before tattooing.
➢ Correctly measuring / placing a tattoo.
➢ Which needle is needed for what (keep skin type and body part in mind)
➢ Difference in needles: line work / colors / shadows
➢ Make advanced assignments, including homework assignments
➢ Put a simple tattoo on fake skin at the end of the week

Week 4:
➢ Tattooing fake skin.
➢ Explain what you have learned, prove that you are ready for the real thing.
➢ Make advanced assignments, including homework assignments
➢ When you’re ready, you can tattoo your first client.

Week 5 & 6:
➢ Tattooing our own customers and our models under Irma ‘s guidance
➢ Asking questions and the last tips
➢ Certificate Ceremony

The distribution can change if you have already been busy and tattooed at home before. Then, for example, practicing on models can already start in week 2. In other words, the weekly schedule is subject to your personal progress.

We are willing to teach you all the tricks of the trade, but in the end the end result depends on your commitment.