This old school training was created thanks to the creativity and experience of our people, and also for the reason that there is little quality offer when it comes to a tattoo training. For example, some companies offer 5-day courses, which of course can never be enough time to teach someone the right way.

With us you can follow an old-fashioned training for 6 weeks. Without other students, so you get all the attention from our tattoo artist Irma (the supervisor).

She will teach you the core of tattooing. How you:

➢ prepare your workplace
➢ make a stencil
➢ use the tattoo machine
➢ make neat lines
➢ can apply shadows and colors.

We will also tell you everything about the hygiene guidelines of the GGD (Dutch Health Department) about tattooing.

During the training you practice on real models. However, you do not have to search for all models yourself, because we also have a very wide range when it comes to finding tattoo canvas. We assume that you will tattoo at least 15 to 20 people, on which you will sometimes put several tattoos on the same person.

After the training period of 6 weeks, your tattoo adventure will truly start. After which you will have to work on improving your craft yourself using the things that you have learned with us as your foundation. We can only teach you the basic techniques.

Please note!
You can only apply for the course when you can draw very well already.